How Our Tuna Is Sustainably Sourced
Kris Pajarito Andrews
By Kris Pajarito Andrews

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If you’re like us, you like to know that your food comes from the best places possible. Are you an Albacore Tuna fan? So many of us are, because it’s a good source of protein, and frankly, simply delicious. But because it’s in such high demand, the environmental impacts of overfishing and poor methods are high.

We at Brandless are proud of doing things the right way by responsibly sourcing our tuna, so you can feel good about bringing it to your table. Our tuna is pole and troll caught in the wild, a method that has less of an impact on the habitat and population.

On the other hand, the most common practices out there use a batch capture method called “drifting longlines,” which is basically using large nets to capture the tuna — and anything else that happens to get caught in the stream. This means turtles, sharks, and other endangered, threatened, or overfished species are at risk of ending up in the catch. That’s why we can call Brandless Albacore Tuna dolphin-safe.

As an added layer, our tuna is MSC Certified for quality. MSC stands for the Marine Stewardship Council, a nonprofit organization that works to address unsustainable fishing by working with partners to promote sustainable fishing. This certification guarantees that we are all working harder together for the sake of our oceans.

And get this: it’s also gluten free, non GMO and just $3. Here’s to the better-for-you catch of the day!

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