What Is TDPA, the Superstar Ingredient of Our Pet Waste Bags?
Shannon Vestal Robson
By Shannon Vestal Robson

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The Brandless pet collection boasts a variety of better-for-pet treats, supplements, toys, and gear, but we also knew we needed to provide the essentials that pet parents really need. Translation: poop bags. Yes, our pet waste bags are a necessary part of any pet parent’s routine, and even though waste bags may not be top of mind when you think of better-for-you pet, Brandless has managed to make them better.

How? By making them with TDPA™: Totally Degradable Plastic Additive. Don’t worry if this is the first time you’re hearing of TDPA and don’t know exactly what it is — we’re here to clear it up. Basically, it’s a technology that enables plastic products to break down much faster in landfills than traditional plastics. That doesn’t mean our waste bags are less sturdy than other waste bags — the addition of TDPA doesn’t weaken the bags; bags made with TDPA are comparable in performance to those without it. It just makes the bags a better option for the environment.

Brandless buyer Madi Ward is especially proud of how the waste bags are a better choice for pet parents. “It’s part of being a responsible citizen and picking up after your pet, but also trying to be as responsible to the earth as we can. So making a quality product that is made with plastics that will degrade faster than traditional plastics was really important to us.”

That’s something you and your furry best friend can feel good about.

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