What Is Non-Nano Zinc and Why Is it Better For Babies?
Karen Kane
By Karen Kane

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Non-nano zinc oxide is the active ingredient in Brandless Diaper Rash Cream, and is noted as an ingredient in many clean beauty products.

Nano or Non-Nano?

So what, exactly, does non nano mean? The word “nano” comes from the Greek word “nanos,” which means “dwarf.” A nanoparticle is so small that it may be absorbed by the human body and may enter the bloodstream. Non-nanoparticles are large enough to minimize their chance of absorption into the body and entering the bloodstream. When zinc oxide, a metal powder, is mixed into a cream for use in sunscreens and diaper rash creams, it is no longer airborne and there is less of a risk of absorption.

Even so, some people are still concerned about nano zinc in cream form. Brandless offers a non-nano zinc option for its diaper rash cream to minimize the chance that any of the zinc oxide compound is absorbed by your baby’s tender skin. That thick swab of diaper rash cream does its job by staying (and protecting) on the surface, right where it belongs. Avoid the pink — use non-nano zinc!

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