Why Clean Beauty Became the New Gold Standard
Sarah Tuttle
By Sarah Tuttle

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“Clean beauty” is a trending term you’ve likely heard, but what exactly does it mean?

There’s no universal definition for the term, but at Brandless, we define it as beauty products that are made without potentially harmful ingredients and only formulated with the minimum ingredients required for the product to function. That means our beauty products are free from 400+ questionable ingredients and they’re never tested on animals.

The demand for clean beauty is very much a people-led movement. As the director of merchandising at Brandless, Jessica Glendenning, shares, “Customers have been asking for more clean beauty, so that absolutely has been a priority, since even before we launched.”

Why are people so concerned about what’s in their beauty products?

In the US, it’s the consumer’s responsibility to make conscious choices for themselves. Though California Senator Dianne Feinstein recently introduced a bill that would require companies to submit cosmetic ingredient statements to the FDA, we are still behind other countries like Japan, Canada, the UK, and Europe, which have banned hundreds of ingredients that may pose health risks.

Many of these substances that are banned in other countries are found frequently in the lotions, shampoos, and sunscreen that we use daily in the US. This includes ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and phthalates that may potentially cause harmful health effects.

With general uncertainty surrounding these ingredients, people are looking to brands to help navigate what’s in the beauty products they use.

What Brandless is doing

This is why clean beauty is an integral part of the Brandless mission. We’ve banned more than 400 questionable ingredients to ensure our clean beauty and personal care products are full of just the essentials. Among the banned ingredients are sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances.

And while the rise of clean beauty products is exciting, these products are usually expensive. We believe in more transparency around what we put in and on our bodies, and higher standards shouldn’t mean higher price points. Just as Brandless did in the food space, we want to make clean beauty more accessible. (For more on how we do it, check out What Makes Our Beauty Products Such An Incredible Value? ).

We’ve done the research and created clean, cruelty-free products that truly work and don’t break the bank. If you’re considering making the shift to cleaner products, this is a great place to start.

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