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Brandless Celebrates International Women’s Day
Lindsay Lee
By Lindsay Lee

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When we launched last year, we set a goal: to make complete strangers feel cared for.

On March 8th, International Women’s Day, we worked toward that goal by giving away 4,000 boxes of tampons and panty liners made with 100% organic cotton (used anywhere the product touches your body) for free. We deployed 25-foot art installations on four campuses reading “TAKE CARE” in giant plywood letters to help decrease the stigma around talking about and acknowledging periods and to let menstruating people know that they don’t need to feel ashamed about a very natural bodily function. The letters were covered in boxes of Brandless tampons and panty liners that passers-by could take for free for themselves and for others.

Here at Brandless, we’re aiming to eliminate false narratives and to let products stand on their own, so that real people can incorporate and tell their stories, not conform to the stories a brand tells about its product. 

This starts with education. It’s startling how many people don’t know what’s in the tampons they’ve been using. Many traditional menstrual care products are made with cotton that has been treated with pesticides, GMOs, and other potentially harmful chemicals. Residuals of these chemicals remain in the cotton and may enter our body when they come in contact with our skin. They also often contain synthetic dyes and fragrances, and are processed with chlorine. Brandless tampons and pads, on the other hand, are made with 100% organic cotton in the places where the product comes in contact with the body, are free of synthetic dyes and fragrances, and are also cruelty free.

In addition to giving away these products, we asked real people (who we like to call awesome strangers) to tell us what makes them feel cared for. We donated the remaining boxes to local shelters to help the large population of menstruating people who require these products, but cannot access them – bringing the total giveaway to 4,000 boxes.

We’d like to bring Take Care to the places that really need it, spreading joy and access while facilitating conversation. Where would you like to see us go next? What makes you feel cared for?

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