Spicy Roasted Garbanzo Beans
Prep Time: 15 Minutes | Total Time: 45 Minutes
Alicia Kennedy
By Alicia Kennedy
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Garbanzo beans are protein-packed, making them a super snack to reach for when afternoon hunger pangs hit. Fresh out of the oven, they make the perfect crunchy party nibbles.

Spicy Roasted Garbanzo Beans
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8-10 People
Prep Time
15 Minutes
Cook Time
45 Minutes
  1. Preheat oven to 400˚F (200˚C). Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Dry the garbanzo beans between paper towels on top of a cutting board, removing any skins that might come off the beans (make sure they’re as dry as possible to get the best crunch), then put them in a mixing bowl.
  3. Toss the garbanzo beans with the olive oil and desired salt and pepper until all are well-coated.
  4. Spread the beans on the cookie sheet so that they are all flat on the sheet, then put in the oven.
  5. Roast for 10 minutes, then open the oven and give them a toss so that they turn brown on all sides. Roast for another 10–15 minutes, until golden brown.
  6. Let cool, then toss with the garlic and chili flake seasoning, as well as the juice of half a lemon, if using.
  7. Enjoy!
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