Be kind. It spreads. Ready for 28 days of it?
Lee Anne Grant
By Lee Anne Grant

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Beyond the goods we sell, Brandless stands for a community-driven movement, starting with you. Yes, I mean YOU. Around here, we’ve been talking a lot about kindness, because you all – valued members of our community – send us so much of it! You email us, tag us on Instagram, tweet at us, and sometimes even write us actual letters. And we read every single love note. And we write them too 😊 . Yes every employee, every day, writes you a note (check your mailbox!)

That’s why we are reclaiming this month for our community to share love and kindness. Often, only Valentine’s Day, February 14, is recognized as the day to celebrate love. To us, this month isn’t just about a single day. It’s about spreading love and kindness every 👏 single 👏day 👏  to everyone – our friends, to awesome strangers, and, of course, to ourselves.

Introducing 28 Days of Love and Kindness – Sounds amazing right?

Every day we will reveal a new idea of how to give love, inspired by you all and featuring some illustrations by the talented Miss Lindsey Balbierz. (Check out her insta! We love her.)

So, how can you participate? It’s easy! Just put some love and kindness out into the world. Need some inspo? We will be sharing our ideas on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Let’s get started! Day 1 –

We want to hear from you too! Post a photo of how you are spreading love and tag @brandlesslife #brandlesslife and #28daysoflove. And why not tag a friend or two? We will share some of our favorite posts along the way, and we may message you with other surprises as well!

A few of our team members got a head start – here are some examples of how they shared the love!

We love you. Thank you. And let’s spread some more kindness and love, together.

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