Field Guide No. 1: Doing Day😊
By Brandless

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So exactly what is this field guide? Think of it as a step-by-step guide to help you plan a day around doing, connecting, and serving your community. (At Brandless, we believe doing is what matters, so we’re creating a whole series of Brandless Field Guides – read up on them here).

To start, we’re partnering with Feeding America to help tackle a problem present in all our communities: hunger. One in eight Americans struggles with hunger (that’s across every congressional district in the nation, so it truly affects us all). So we’re taking our first field guide on the road to our local food bank. We hope you and your friends will join us!

Below you’ll find everything you need – from a personalized invite to a list of discussion questions – to plan a rewarding day at your local food bank. Lend a hand. Serve your neighbor. Get out there and DO.

Step-by-step guide
  1. Find your nearest food bank. Feeding America’s interactive map makes it easy to find your nearest food bank.
  2. Pick a date. Check with your local food bank to schedule a time that works for your group. We recommend planning at least three weeks ahead since spots (especially weekends) fill up fast.
  3. Invite your friends. Once you’ve got a date on the calendar, invite your friends! You can send our customizable Brandless™ Invitation or create a Facebook event.
    • Once your friends have confirmed their attendance, you can share this social graphic with your community to let them know you will be hosting a Give More Day. Be sure to tag your friends and #Brandlesslife #DoingIsWhatMatters.
  4. Follow up with your group. Two days before your visit, send out a reminder with key info:
    • Hunger 101: Email this infographic to help your team learn about this important issue.
    • Food bank rules and regulations: Remember, every location has its own set of rules.
    • Travel plans: Our Brandless™ Spotify Playlist2 is great for a carpool.
    • Bonus reminder: If you have a community service commitment with your school, don’t forget to print your forms ahead of time.
  5. Make an impact. Be sure that your group shows up on time to get acquainted with the space. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to do some good. And have fun!
    • Get a group photo while at the food bank and share your team’s impact in the moment. Use hashtags #BrandlessLife #DoingIsWhatMatters.
  6. Reflect on your day. Be sure to ask your coordinator how many meals you packaged. We often find discussion questions are a great way to help reflect on our experiences, so we included some for your group. And don’t forget to thank your local food bank and hard-working group members.
  7. Share your hard work. Remind everyone what we can accomplish together. Let us know how many meals your group served or packaged with this shareable graphic and use the hashtags #BrandlessLife #DoingIsWhatMatters.
  8. Follow up. Thanks for doing your part. We’d love to hear about your day and how our field guide worked for your team. Would you share your experience in a 2-minute survey?
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