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How Women are Using CBD to Support a Healthy Lifestyle
By Brandless

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There’s more to CBD than meets the eye. It can be an essential part of your nightly routine, spice up your sex life, and calm your nerves. But that’s not all. More than just providing a boost to everyday wellness, CBD can also be used to support women’s healthy lifestyles, and many are starting to integrate it into their routines — whether it’s to achieve a sense of balance or to support their health and fitness goals. Who run the world? Girls (and CBD).

CBD and Women’s Health Go Hand in Hand

CBD supports a woman’s healthy lifestyle in more ways than one. Here are some common reasons to use it regularly:

1. Managing PMS Symptoms

Not every woman experiences Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) the same way. Some feel short tempered and bloated for a couple days, while others have to call in sick to work so they can curl up in the dark with a hot water bottle and a bag of potato chips. Everyone has a different telltale sign it’s that time of the month, and it’s not always fun. Mood swings, breast tenderness, cramps, cravings, bloating, and exhaustion are all part of the PMS picture. 

These days, there are plenty of women who are turning to CBD for backup. The next time PMS creeps up on you, try these Drops+ Relief ($79). They may help to ease discomfort — so you can send Aunt Flo packing before she knocks you off your feet.

2. Improving Skin and Hair

Your skin and hair often indicate what’s going on beneath the surface. Have you ever noticed that your skin appears to glow when you’re well-rested, or that your hair is extra shiny when you eat healthily? Conversely, when you’re feeling run down, overworked, and sleep-deprived, your hair and skin may look dry and dull. 

A lot of people will turn to topical remedies such as lotions, creams, scrubs, conditioners, and so on to combat this issue. But working from the inside out can also help. CBD’s ability to help you feel relaxed may help you better manage stress and wind down at the end of a long day — which could ultimately help your skin and hair appear more healthy. Our Be Calm capsules ($59) can support your overall wellbeing and help you feel cool, calm, and collected. We bet you’ll be happy with the results you see in the mirror, too.

3. Finding Balance

Women can often feel more out of balance than men because of fluctuations that occur naturally throughout different stages of the menstrual cycle and different stages of life (e.g. puberty, pregnancy, and menopause). These imbalances can result in severe PMS symptoms, weight gain, mood swings, hair loss, and a whole host of other effects that women have learned to cope with. 

Making lifestyle changes such as improving diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management can all help, and many women are now turning to CBD for support. Test out different products to find ones that make you feel centered and balanced; this broad-spectrum Peppermint Tincture ($40) is made with ingredients for everyday holistic health.

4. Enhancing Exercise

Women do it all. They manage fulfilling careers with family time, side hustles, and errands — all while making time for spin class and yoga. However, whether you’re a group fitness junkie or a focused athlete gearing up for a marathon, chances are you’re not giving yourself enough time for post-workout recovery. And that can leave you feeling achy and lethargic. 

In addition to protein powders and supplements, women can use CBD to support their active lifestyles. Massaging this Balm+ Relief topical ($49) onto tired muscles and joints after a workout may help you feel better, sooner (so you can get back to the gym tomorrow). Women are also turning to CBD as part of their pre-workout regimen to support focus. Taking a Stay Sharp capsule ($59) before your next workout could have you setting a new personal best.


There are a myriad of ways CBD can support women’s health, and ladies everywhere are starting to reap the rewards. If CBD could help you bounce back from your period with vengeance and get more rest and relaxation, wouldn’t you want to know? Browse our CBD collection to find the topicals and ingestibles that are most suitable for you and your lifestyle.


Not intended as medical advice. Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. If you have specific healthcare concerns or questions about the products displayed, please contact your licensed healthcare professional for advice.


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