What’s Up With the Oil in Organic Peanut Butter?
By Brandless

You might notice that Brandless Organic Peanut Butters have a layer of oil on top when you first open the jar. That’s a good thing! Unlike traditionally processed peanut butters, ours don’t contain added stabilizers like hydrogenated oils. The oil you see is purely from the peanuts themselves.

But seeing that oil on top for the first time can definitely be baffling! You could empty the contents of the tub into a mixer (and some people actually do), but we prefer this easy trick: just store your peanut butter upside down before you open it. That’s it! Usually, keeping it upside down overnight will do the trick, dispersing the natural oils throughout the jar. Once your peanut butter is set, go ahead and store it in the fridge to keep it easy to use with minimal stirring.

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