Everything You Need For a Day Out at the Beach
Kris Pajarito Andrews
By Kris Pajarito Andrews

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There’s nothing like being out in the fresh air, under sunny skies, surrounded by your favorite people . . . and you’ve forgotten the essentials. Fear not! From Brandless Compostable Plates, Bowls and Disposable Flatware to packable, non GMO snacks perfect for taking on the go, we have just what you need for uninterrupted fun. So pack your sun-day best and never get caught without your go-to necessities again.

Biodegradable Picnic Bundle

The first order of business when you claim your sunny day spot is: eating! The worst thing that could happen is sitting down to so many killer dishes and—oh no, you left the plates and flatware at home! Since you don’t want to get stuck making your guests eat potato salad with their hands, stock up on Brandless compostable party supplies. Our biodegradable plates and bowls are made from sustainable sugarcane and bamboo grass for the perfect way to scarf up delicious bites. And our disposable flatware – which is a handy pack of 8 forks, knives, and spoons – is made from plant-based materials. They’re also heat-resistant up to 185°F, so you can use them with hot food or wash them and reuse again.


Trail Mix

What’s easier than trail mix when you’re on the go? Brandless non GMO Trail Mix is a perfect complement to just about any outing, because it’s packed with a blend of flavors that’s oh-so-satisfying. There are also no artificial flavors or preservatives to get you down. Take your pick from Sweet & Salty, Fruit & Nut, Nutty Berry Blend, and Nuts, Dark Chocolate & Cherry Trail Mix to satisfy you and your guests in-between grill runs.

Coconut and Almond Bars

Hello, whole almonds, coconut flakes, and crisp brown rice sprinkled with cinnamon! Toss in a few of these to hold over kids big and small for an exciting day out in the sunshine. What’s better is that these bars come with three in a pack so you can share the wealth. With no artificial colors, flavors, or gluten, it’s a fuss-free snack to keep stocked in your car, purse, and pantry as well.

Olive Oil and Sea Salt Hummus Crisps

Headed seaside? Then you’ll love snacking on our satisfyingly crunchy Hummus Crisps, sprinkled to perfection with sea salt and olive oil. If you don’t have the cooler space or hands to carry dip to your beach blanket, these crisps are topped with enough flavors to do without it! Keep your energy up and hunger pangs at bay with these non GMO, gluten free, no-preservative dreams. Made from chickpeas, you’re in for crispy bites of pure heaven. Just be forewarned: you can’t have just one…or two…or six! Maybe pack two bags for every three people?

Organic Cheese Duck Crackers

These crunchy cuties are perfect on their own or sprinkled over your favorite foods that pair well with cheddar cheese bursts of flavor. Looking for a quack hack? Crush and sprinkle these fun little guys over a tomato-based pizza for fun texture. And why not? Being out in the sun means you can play with your food! Little ones feeling restless after a long day in the sunshine? Just hand them a tiny helping for instant smiles.

Organic Applesauce Pouches

This is just as much a snack for little ones as it is for big kids. Enjoy each pouch by itself or squeeze over your sunny day ice cream cone for extra good-for-you flavor. Each personal pouch in this 4-pack is filled with organic, no sugar added, preservative-free bursts of apple goodness. Bonus: it’s also gluten, nut, and dairy free for anyone with dietary restrictions, and it’s easy to take along in your pocket, bag, and wherever your adventurous day takes you.

Organic Original Beef Jerky

For carnivores in your picnic crew, these delectable bites are made from 100% grass-fed beef. Slightly sweet and seasoned with sprinkles of pepper and touches of garlic, it’s the perfect snack for in-between times. Hickory smoked with beef that contains no added hormones or antibiotics, it’s a feel-good source of protein that will keep you and your guests energized for hours on end.

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