Ways to Give with Brandless
Lindsay Lee
By Lindsay Lee

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We designed Brandless to be a company that gives back every. single. day. We invite everyone to join us in creating a community that makes lives better, celebrates everyday acts of kindness and the people who do them, and gives back in ways big and small.

That’s why every time anyone checks out at Brandless, we donate a meal to someone facing hunger through our partnership with Feeding America®, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization. To date, we’ve donated over 3 million meals and we’re just getting started.

We do this because we believe in being kind and coming together to make an impact, but there are even more ways to get involved and give back that you may not have known about! Check them out below and let’s magnify the love!

  • Shop on Brandless – Every time you check out at, we donate a meal!
  • Volunteer – We created this handy step-by-step field guide to help you plan a volunteering event in your own neighborhood.
  • Brandless Day – On the third of every month, we come together to give more. If you order on the third, we’ll donate 3 additional meals.
  • Subscribe & Give – When you stay stocked with a Brandless subscription, we donate 2 additional meals every time your subscription order ships!
  • Be KindSpread a little kindness, it’s that simple! We have some ideas for simple ways to spread some more love in the world today and every day.
  • The Gift the Gives Back – For every Brandless gift card purchased, we donate 5 additional meals in honor of the recipient!


…and more! – Sign up for email alerts and you’ll hear about other ways to give: we’ve given back more for disaster relief, International Women’s Day, pop-ups, social posts, and more. Go to and wait for the email sign-up window to appear to stay in the know!


BONUS: Curious how many meals you’ve donated with Brandless so far? Head to and log in! You’ll see your impact on the account overview page. Screenshot your impact and share it with us at #givingisbrandless @brandlesslife.