Theatre Brings People Together
Helena Hounsel
By Helena Hounsel

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We're sharing Good News from our community! 🎉

My best friend, Lexy Stang, is a remarkable human. She’s based in Pittsburgh, PA. She currently works for Center for Theater Arts, a program that teaches the craft of the Theatre/Musical Theatre to younger students, as well as Special Needs actors. In addition to working the front desk, she has also worked as their costume designer on various productions. Her younger brother, Niko, has special needs and she takes care of him all while navigating her own life. She is quite possibly one of the strongest people I know.


—Keaton Jadwin, FL celebrating Lexy Stang, PA

More Good News

Good news! Grandson born 12-27-18 and is doing great!!

—Connie Smith Mendez, FL


A local singer, “Joyce the Voice” is singing at the opening of a really important installment at the Heritage Center about the migration of African Americans to Arizona! But, it is her son, Todd Bailey who has also brought so much good to our community over the last decade. All the good vibes.

—Zackary Kocher, AZ