The Brandless Guide to Dorm Essentials
Sarah Tuttle
By Sarah Tuttle

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Going away to college is exciting, and making sure you have your dorm room properly stocked is an important part of the experience! Here are the dorm essentials for A+ dorm living, whether you’re going off to school or sending a care package to someone who is.

Shower Caddy – Store your body wash, shampoo and conditioner, facial cleanser, facial moisturizer, fluoride-free toothpaste, and a pair of shower flip flops (very necessary) to make trips to the shower clean and easy.

Cozy Linens and Pillows – Make your bed feel like home away from home.

Study Snacks – These are essential, whether it’s having cold brew coffee on tap for an all-nighter in the library where you have to sneak some peanut butter bars to power through, offering your study group some sweet jalapeño lentil crisps, or bringing sour gummy worms to movie night.

Making Meals Without a Kitchen – It’s helpful to have more satisfying food on hand in your room, especially when you’re short on time between classes. Reach for applesauce pouches, peanut butter and an apple, tuna pouches, or instant oatmeal cups. A can opener is necessary for any canned food you store. If you have a microwave, you also can make all kinds of things in a mug, from macaroni and cheese to coffee to cake. (Check out some fun recipes here.) Don’t underestimate all that you can do with a mug (and a microwave)!

Light Cleaning Supplies – We’re talking about easy surface cleaning wipes and tree free napkins to clean up that delicious pizza mess. When you live in a small, communal space, keeping things tidy makes an even bigger difference.

Supplies – Always be prepared for class with smooth writing black gel pens, hardcover spiral notebooks, and recycled highlighters.

Photo by @notetojoy

Noise Cancelling Headphones – Distractions are everywhere in the dorms. Tune them out!

When you need some extra support concentrating, Brandless Calm and Focus Support supplements can assist with long study sessions.

Bed Risers – These add extra storage space beneath the bed, and extra space is precious!

Photos From Home – They’ll help you feel connected to your family and friends from afar and also will share your home world with your new roommate.

Dry Erase Board – This is fun to leave on your door as a silly form of communication for your roommate and hallmates.

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