Teaching Tolerance To Elementary Students
Helena Hounsel
By Helena Hounsel

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My boyfriend is the Diversity and Equity Coordinator for an elementary school here in Los Angeles. He teaches 5th and 6th graders about personal identity and social justice, and helps them learn to accept those who are different from them, and how to advocate and be an ally for others. I can’t wait until more schools have this type of position on staff, and I’m so proud of Eric for being a trailblazer in this respect. His work is going to make the world a better place for each coming generation.”


—Nick DiRamio celebrating Eric W., CA

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I teach Meatless Monday classes in a low-income community and use your products in cooking and use them as DOOR PRIZES. Xoxo


—Charlene Nolan


Here’s a picture of the most positive influences in my life, and the most precious angels in Los Angeles: Donut & Diego.


—Emily Arrivas, CA