Take it From Tedi Sarah: Her Top Brandless Picks
Tedi Sarah
By Tedi Sarah

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Having a blog in New York City means I get invited to lots of fun events, but nothing makes me happier than when brands invite Pani to those events with me too! So back in the fall when Brandless, a new company out of San Francisco, invited Pani and I to check out their NYC pop-up, I happily obliged. At the heart of Brandless their goal is to make better-for-you products more widely available and accessible to everyone.


When I visited the pop-up they showed me around their different sections, ranging from cookware to clean beauty to non-GMO and organic food to non-toxic home products and so much more, and I was so impressed that behind every product they sell there’s something about it that is better for us or better for the environment. Whether it’s beauty products that are free from over 400+ questionable ingredients found in other major beauty brands, colored pencils that are FSC certified (aka certified by the Forest Stewardship Council that works to protect the world’s forests), or toilet paper that’s tree free and made from sugarcane and bamboo grass instead, there really is something good behind all their products. Since that day at the pop-up I’ve been using the Brandless online delivery service to stock up on my everyday essentials.


I teamed up with Brandless to share my top vegan and cruelty-free Brandless favorites!

Virgin Coconut Oil

Ok, I don’t need to tell you guys that coconut oil is great for everything. I eat it, Pani eats it and I’m a big believer in oil pulling too (especially if I feel like I’m getting sick). The Brandless coconut oil tastes delish.

Vegan Makeup Brushes

Did you know that most makeup brushes are not vegan because they’re made from either squirrel, mink, sable, horse or goat hair? Brandless makeup brushes are made of synthetic brush hairs (aka no animals are harmed in the making of them) and the handles are made from responsibly sourced, FSC certified wood. Brandless makes a powder brush, foundation brush, blush brush and an eye and brow brush set.

Stemless Wine Glasses

Yes, Brandless even has kitchen and household items like wine glasses! I actually use these glasses as my everyday drinking glasses. They’re pretty and only $4 for a set of two.

Dog Ball & Frisbee

Brandless dog toys are non toxic, recyclable, latex free and made without BPA. They’re also made in the USA, dishwasher safe and (get this) infused with mint essential oil! Pani loves them.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies

Brandless has all the cleaning essentials including a multi-surface cleaner, tub & tile cleaner, glass cleaner, granite & stone cleaner, dish soap, etc. All their cleaning products are non-toxic, cruelty-free, non-GMO and use a biodegradable formula. And they now come with an option to order refill packs instead of new bottles, making them a more sustainable choice.