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Sex and Sustainability: Conscientious Products for the Bedroom
By Brandless

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Free love and tree hugging were the hallmarks of the ’60s — but times have changed, and now, caring for the environment and enjoying a healthy, active sex life have become mainstream. So much so, that sex and sustainability can even go hand in hand. But that doesn’t mean you have to invest in niche products that only have a place in your bedside table. In fact, there are a ton of everyday essentials (pantry items, beauty products, and more) that you can use to up the ante with your partner. With that in mind, here are a few fun ideas to get you started:

Set the Mood with Essential Oils

First, prepare your space by diffusing an essential oil that will put you in the mood. We love this fresh, woody eucalyptus scent for its rejuvenating and stimulating effects. Plus, it’s non-GMO and steam-distilled, meaning you get to enjoy it at its purest. 

Freshen Up with Lip Balm and Toner

No one wants to worry about smudging eyeliner or bleeding lipstick when the lights go down. If you’re planning to get romantic, opt for a more natural beauty look: smooth on a simple conditioning lip balm for pucker-ready lips and spritz on some alcohol-free rosewater toner to make your skin look irresistibly soft and dewy. 

Get Excited with Honey

Honey has long been associated with life’s more intimate moments: the word “honeymoon” stems from the pantry staple’s association with love and sex; Hippocrates was known to prescribe honey for sexual vigor; and in various cultures around the world, honey is a symbol of fertility. Convinced that it deserves a place in your bedroom? This organic, True Source Certified honey is ideal. 

Feel the Love with CBD Capsules

CBD may elicit feelings of calm and ease, which could help you live more fully in the moment. Try taking these vegan CBD capsules during foreplay — at the very least, you’ll enjoy feeling the day melt away, and focusing only on the present. 

Increase Intimacy with Body Lotion

A massage is guaranteed to get everyone in the mood. Not only does it help to ease away the tension of a busy day, but it also gives you an excuse to caress each other, which may lead to a pretty steamy session. We love this moisturizing body butter; made with coconut water, the scent alone can transport you and your partner to a romantic, faraway island. Or, if you have knots and kinks to work out, swap your go-to lotion for a CBD balm.

Settle In with CBD Drops

Once things have simmered down, you and your partner should try to get ready for bed — if you can keep your hands off each other, that is. Hop into the shower for a quick rinse (this green tea and aloe body wash will make you feel cool and refreshed), brush your teeth with some fluoride-free peppermint toothpaste, and then grab these full-spectrum drops from the nightstand. Made with CBD, CBN, and targeted multi-terpene complex, they might be exactly what you need to fully relax in postcoital bliss.


Feeling inspired? Browse our CBD, personal care, and pantry collections to find some eco-friendly products for your bedroom. 


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