Sophia Roe | What Makes You Feel Good?
Sophia Roe
By Sophia Roe

“What makes you feel good?” That seems like a simple enough question, right? However, even after only 10 seconds of reflection, your brain is probably bombarded with little vignettes showing you dancing around the house singing like nobody is watching, cooking up your very favorite meal FOR ONE (looking at you cauliflower crust pizza) with all the fixin’s, or finally having the time during your week to sit, and finish that book already.


All of these things my brain certainly thinks up when I imagine what makes me feel good. But if I go even just a little deeper, even more special stuff starts happening. I start thinking about how good I feel when I know for sure that I have ALL of the ingredients to make my favorite matcha latte. That special feeling knowing that I have all the tools I need in my kitchen for a price that isn’t going to mean I have to live off of ramen for the rest of the month leaves me smiling even as I write this.


I’m also always struck with how good I feel when I’m able to shop for the things that I need, while also being able to put the environment first! Oh, and don’t even get me started on the megawatt grin on my face when I know I’ve got all my superfoods organized in my cabinet, at the ready for when “I need that smoothie now!” Or what about knowing that all of my feminine care products are safe, made with organic cotton, and fragrance free? That makes me feel MASSIVELY good!

But you wanna know what REALLY makes me feel good, like REALLY lights up my whole body?! COMMUNITY! Knowing that anyone, and everyone, no matter where they live, or who they are can have access to whatever makes them feel good. I’d say that makes me feel better than just about anything else I can think of.


Ultimately what makes most of us feel good, IS in fact, the simple stuff. I know that when I have everything I need at home, I’m so much more able to focus my energy more effectively at work, and with my friends and family.


Whether you live in a big city and are no stranger to that pesky packed and super delayed subway car while trying to juggle 4 grocery bags, with one of them leaking, and trying to hold on to your now lukewarm matcha (living in NYC isn’t easy). Or you live in a more rural community where the nearest store is almost an hour away, and forgetting something at the grocery store feels literally like the end of the world (honey, where’s the toilet paper?).


NO MATTER WHAT your situation may be, having access to simple, healthy, important tools necessary to run your day-to-day with no stress, and a fair price tag is a situation that just about anybody would say MAKES THEM FEEL GOOD!