Self Care Formula: Rose Water Every Day
By Brandless

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Whether you’re transitioning out of your skincare routine for the colder winter months, or looking for new ways to invigorate your skin, there’s one product has year-round appeal: hello rose water.

What is Rose Water?

Rose water is the liquid captured from steam distilled rose petals. In addition to the flower’s fragrance, the botanical properties of rose have been used for centuries as a homeopathic beauty treatment, originating in ancient Egypt, Persia, and throughout the Middle East. This naturally occurring source of beauty (ok, that’s a subjective call, but regardless of your affinity for roses), it’s the ultimate addition to any skincare and self-care routine, no matter what the season.

Benefits of Rose Water

As an ingredient, rose packs some powerful skin-loving benefits, especially for any skin that is feeling dry and dull. Brandless Hydrating Rosewater Toner helps moisturize skin and soothe with aloe. Not just for mornings, there are many ways to incorporate it throughout your day. 

#1 Toner

Rose water can leave the skin feeling clean, while keeping it hydrated. For a deeper clean, pour some on a cotton ball or cotton round and gently sweep across your face for a soothing finish. Or simply spray on face and let dry. Perfect for an easy refresh or right after an intense workout.

#2 Makeup Brightener & Mood Booster

Long day? Rose water can help! Spray a small spritz of rose water over your makeup to brighten and refresh skin. Plus, the refreshing scent of rose water can soothe your mind and promote relaxation, so you can conquer your to-do list with a refreshed outlook and more upbeat attitude. Keep a bottle at your desk or in your bag for a quick midday pick-me-up, or if you prefer, you can tote rejuvenating facial wipes. 

#3 All Around Skin Moisturizer

Since Brandless’ Hydrating Rosewater Toner has soothing properties, it can also calm sensitive shaving areas (here’s looking at you legs and bikini line). Use as you would a toner and simply mist rose water on a cotton round and apply over any redness.

Although rose water can easily be made at home, why worry about the correct water-to-essential-oil ratios? Save yourself the hassle and simply shop for a Hydrating Rose Water Facial Toner Spray or Rejuvenating Rose Facial Wipes instead. Whether you toss them in your purse or gym bag, you’ll always be prepared to look and feel your best.