Random Acts of Kindness Make a Difference
Helena Hounsel
By Helena Hounsel

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My husband was working out at the ymca on Saturday when a young man realized he had lost his wallet. He was looking everywhere and was very upset about it since his debit card was in his wallet, and he wouldn’t get paid again til next Friday. My husband handed him $20, and when the young man asked him how he could find him to repay him, my husband said, “just pay it forward” Simple things. Kindness matters. Made my day.

More Good News

Our Regional Manager at work had an emergency delivery about three months early last Friday, but she and daughter are fighters. Mom is expecting to be released from care soon, and daughter is developing well! That, plus everyone’s support for them restores my faith in humanity!


— Carter Collins, TX


A Career Detour That Fueled a Passion: After spending 13 years creating revenue generating products/services for private companies in technology, healthcare systems, and startups, I decided to take a sabbatical to work directly with the community through a public sector fellowship. It is more work, less pay, and a new city – yet knowing that I am impacting economic development for underserved communities in a city gets me back to my public health roots and my true purpose.”


— Aja Hardy, OH

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