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Take it From Shruthi Parker: On Brandless Dog Collars
Shruthi Parker
By Shruthi Parker

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This is a sponsored post BUT like all of my sponsored posts, this is a brand I’m thrilled to share with you guys because I regularly order their products and use them in my home! I use Brandless products in my beauty routine, my kitchen, and now, with my puppies too!

Why do I like Brandless?

If you haven’t taken the time to just browse through Brandless yet, you should! Even if you just window-shop, I think you’ll be very surprised with how affordable these well-made, organic, and healthy products are. We are expecting a baby and you can bet I’ll be getting that nugget items from Brandless too! The Brandless dog collar is what I’m sharing with you guys today and it is an amazing value! For just $9 you can upgrade your pups collar game.

Why Brandless Collars?

This brand has an uncompromising commitment to maximum safety and comfort. As a result, Brandless dog collars:

  • Combine the remarkable strength of hemp with the comfort and softness of cotton.
  • Feature boxed stitching at stress points for added durability.
  • Contain quick-release buckles and hardware that are strong, lightweight, placed right, and offer a secure fit.
  • Attach securely to leashes with a durable stainless-steel D-ring.
  • Can be cleaned in the washing machine (air-drying recommended).
  • Are made in three fabulous colors: green, blue, and maroon.

We picked the blue dog collar for both of our sweet puppies! Funny enough, they are both size medium even though one is 20lbs and one is almost 50lbs! Good ol, stocky Ludwig!

Why Hemp Collars?

The mold- and mildew-resistant properties of hemp make hemp collars a smart choice for active pets and their families. Hemp is a strong natural fiber that holds its shape, wicks away moisture, resists odors, and is strong and super durable. Their hemp/cotton-blend collars stand up to tough leash-pullers and dog park romps.

Y’all know our dogs are ACTIVE. I’m talking rolling around in grass, mud, pollen (bless my poor husband’s sweet allergies). They run and jump and walk and cuddle and frisbee all day. These collars have proven to be so durable for them and in turn, save us a lot of hassle. I just throw these in the wash on delicate and in the dryer, and they’re good to go on the pups the next day.

Brandless is for Pet Lovers


I hope you take the time to check Brandless out because I am so glad that I did! We also buy their dog treats for our pups, and snack bundles whenever we are hosting people! It really is a curated one-stop shop!

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