5 Steps To A Gleaming Bathroom — In 5 Minutes Or Less
Kris Pajarito Andrews
By Kris Pajarito Andrews

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Are surprise guests heading your way but your place is in shambles? Not to worry. Our pleasantly fragrant, non-toxic, cruelty free bathroom Cleaning Supplies Bundle solves that I-need-to-make-this-place-look-amazing-yesterday situation. 

Ready? Set . . . Go!
Minute 1: Attack the Tub and Shower

Spray Tub & Tile Cleaner all over your shower and bath and let it settle in and do its magic. (Breathe easy: it’s non-toxic!)

Minute 2: Get Under the Rim

Next, give your place of business a few squeezes of our Toilet Bowl Cleaner, which happens to be EPA Safer Choice Certified.

Minute 3: Tackle the Counters

While those are hard at work, grab our handy and fragrant Surface Wipes and hit all your counter tops, sink basin and faucet, then grab a new one and give the toilet lid and seat a quick once-over.

Minute 4: Go Back to the Shower

Now that the Tub & Tile Cleaner has had a chance to do its magic, you can wipe it off the tub and shower to reveal its shine!

Minute 5: Wipe Down the Mirrors

Mirror, mirror! Put the finishing touches on your bathroom with our Glass Cleaner that’s free of dyes and ammonia and gives it that streak-free shine.

And just like that, your place is ready for likes of the Queen of England, or your friends and family, who are just as important.

Bonus points: time yourself — bet you can do it even faster than five minutes!

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