Never Too Young To Start a Non-Profit
By Brandless

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We're sharing Good News from our community! 🎉

My 12-year-old daughter Makenna has started a non-profit called Peace, Love, Dolls. She collects unwanted Barbie dolls and action figures from the community. She then cleans them, redoes their hair if needed, dresses them, packages them and delivers them to children who could use a smile. This holiday season she donated over 100 action figures and Barbie dolls. She donated to the Boys and Girls Club, Human Services, Together we Own It and several other local groups.


— Erica McAndrew celebrating her daughter Makenna McAndrew, MD

More Good News

I recently started a low cost Clean Eating, home-based meal prep service in Silicon Valley and I use your products within my service! It makes me feel proud that I’m supporting a company that shares the same idealism I do!


— Lisa McTiernan, Hella Good Eats, CA



My small group at church is serving foster kids!


— Megan Maier, AL