How to Spread Awareness About the Domestic Hunger Crisis
Lindsay Lee
By Lindsay Lee

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Our goal at Brandless is to help more people access and afford better-for-you versions of the things you use every day, because we believe that you deserve better — and you shouldn’t have to pay more for it. We’ve started by cutting out the middleman to make high quality everyday essentials more affordable and by shipping our products straight to your doorstep to increase access and convenience.

We recognize, however, that our $3 price point is still inaccessible for many. That is why we partner with Feeding America®, a nationwide network of food banks leading the charge to end domestic hunger. We believe in walking the walk, so we donate a meal in your honor every time you order on That means while you’re filling your shelves at home, you’re helping someone in need do the same.

So, how can you help? Let’s start by understanding and spreading awareness about the issue of domestic hunger. It is an often invisible issue that affects a large portion of Americans in a country that has enough food to feed everyone. Here are some key facts about hunger in the U.S. for you to learn and share.

This means 42 million people in this country do not know where their next meal is coming from. Think about what you’re unable to do when you’re hungry or preoccupied with looking for your next meal — you’re unable to focus on your work or studies, you’re unable to find the energy to get up and go where you need to go, you can’t sleep well and wake up even less able to tackle the day, and much more. Hunger is a problem that affects many other quality of life factors.

This problem happens in your community too. This isn’t specific to a region or area, it is a truly nationwide problem.

A food desert is defined as an area in which it is difficult to buy affordable or good-quality fresh food. Factors that affect this include income level, distance to supermarkets, and vehicle access.

We can help redistribute food by working with non-profits like Feeding America and their large network of regional food banks and agencies. Feeding America relies on people like you to volunteer a few hours of their day to get people the help they need. You can learn how to easily set up a volunteering shift for you and your friends here and help give back in your own backyard.

It starts with awareness, and awareness should lead to action. So get out there and volunteer, shop with companies that give back, and start making a difference.

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