Help Yourself, Help a Friend, Help Someone in Need
Lindsay Lee
By Lindsay Lee

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We’re committed to helping you help others. That’s why we donate a meal to Feeding America® every time you check out on This September marks the 11th year of Hunger Action Month, a Feeding America initiative that asks people to consider how it must feel to live with an empty stomach, which puts a healthy life and a promising future at risk. It is a month of awareness and empathy, but most importantly a time of action.

That’s why we’re calling upon you, our amazing Brandless community, to help make an even bigger impact. This month we want to help you and your friends fill your pantries with better-for-you essentials while helping people in need do the same. It’s a win-win-win.

Hunger affects every single county in the United States. 41 million American people don’t know where their next meal is coming from. This is happening in your backyard and to people you likely interact with regularly. We’re stronger when we stand together, so this Hunger Action Month we’re asking you to make an impact through the power of sharing, because movements are never built alone.


So, how can you get involved? We thought you’d never ask!

First, go to to create your special personal referral link. Now send it to all of your favorite people – shoot a text to your mom, email it to your barber, call your former soccer coach, post it on your Instagram, and tag your squad.

Every friend you refer to will receive $6 off their first order, and when they successfully complete their first purchase (over $39+) you’ll get a $6 credit to your Brandless account — and we’ll donate 6 meals in your honor via Feeding America to help someone in need.

Yup. $6 for you. $6 for a friend. 6 meals for someone in need. It’s that simple. Everyone can help out and make an impact. Plus, after your friends complete their first purchase using your link, they can create their own referral links and send them to all their favorite people too! So your mom’s friend from book club, your barber’s second favorite client, your former soccer coaches’ grandpa, and your squad’s squad can all get involved in getting more — and giving more — as well.


Share the goodness

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address to create a personal referral link
  3. Send your link to friends (who doesn’t love better-for-you essentials?)
  4. Get $6* for every friend who completes their first purchase
  5. Brandless will donate 6 meals in your honor via Feeding America to help someone in need

So what are you waiting for? Spread the word to your friends, family, and followers. We can do so much more when we work together.


*Friend must be a new Brandless customer. You must have a registered Brandless account to redeem referral credits. See Terms & Conditions
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