How to Use Mouthwash to Clean & Deodorize Your House
By Brandless

Did you know your bottle of mouthwash can do a lot more than just freshen your breath? The same essential oils in our Peppermint Mouthwash that work on your mouth can help deodorize your house! Here are three clever hacks for making your living space as minty-fresh as your mouth.

1. Say goodbye to washing machine odor

Add 1 cup of mouthwash to the dispenser along with your preferred detergent and run your regular wash cycle. Bye bye, dirty sock smell!

2. Freshen your sink drain or garbage disposal

Pour ½ cup mouthwash down your kitchen sink and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then, run the disposal. No more sink odor!

3. Keep your kitchen garbage can minty fresh

Gather several sheets of paper towels in a bowl and pour enough mouthwash on them to soak them through, then place in the bottom of your garbage can (minus the bag). Allow to sit for 30 minutes, then remove them, wiping the bottom of the bin as you go. Do this once per week for a kitchen trash can that actually smells good!

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