How to Give Your Baby a Bath + Everything You Need
Karen Kane
By Karen Kane

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From calm sponge baths with a newborn to splishy-splashy playful tubs of bubbles in later months, baths can be some of the most joyful times you spend with your baby.  Your skincare routines will help your baby’s delicate skin do its job as a natural barrier against disease and the elements. And it’s also a wonderful way to bond with your baby.

During the first several weeks with your newborn, you’ll want to take a top down, head-to-toe approach with a simple sponge bath. Start with an Organic Cotton Ball or Organic Cotton Round moistened with clean, warm water (75 degrees Fahrenheit will feel warm, not hot, on your wrist or elbow) and wipe your baby’s eyes from the inside corner out.

Next, use a small amount of mild soap to clean the outside of your baby’s ears, nose, and the rest of the face. Moisten a washcloth and use a small amount of Brandless Tear-Free Baby Shampoo & Wash to shampoo your baby’s hair. The Tear-Free Baby Shampoo & Wash can be used as both shampoo and body wash and comes out of a pump so you can use with one hand while also holding your baby in the bath. (It’s tear-free, fragrance-free, cruelty free, and you also won’t find over 400 ingredients, including parabens, phthalates, and sulfates, that Brandless has banned from all of its personal care products.)


Rinse well and then move onto your baby’s neck, underarms, fingers, and toes. Go ahead and sing that song about “Head, shoulders, knees, and toes!” Remove your baby’s diaper and clean that area last. Pat or air dry, replace with a clean diaper, and give yourself a pat for a job well done.

Once the umbilical cord has come off, you may begin bathing your baby in a basin or tub filled with two to three inches of warm water. Pediatricians recommend two to three baths per week until your baby starts crawling. Bathing more often might dry out his or her skin.

If that happens, you can try the gentle Unscented Baby Lotion specially formulated for Brandless with shea butter and coconut oil to soothe and keep your baby’s skin soft and moist. Massaging your baby with lotion can also help calm, soothe, decrease stress, and enhance feelings of well being and security. 

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