The Dos and Don’ts of Caring For Your Bakeware
Ashley Martens
By Ashley Martens

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They say cooking is an art form, while baking is a science. If that’s the case, you will want to use the best bakeware for all of your culinary creations so you don’t end up with a kitchen disaster. One of the best types of bakeware to use is aluminized steel bakeware, a line of which Brandless has just introduced for your every need, including a Loaf Pan, Half Sheet Pan, Quarter Sheet Pan, 9 in Round Cake Pan, Bake and Roast Pan, and a 12 cup Muffin Pan.

But before you begin baking with your aluminized steel bakeware, you may have some basic questions. Here are some of the most popular questions top chefs and kitchen newbies alike have when it comes to using aluminized steel bakeware in the kitchen.

1. What is aluminized steel?

Aluminized steel is a type of steel that has been coated on both sides with an aluminum alloy. Translation? Pairing steel with aluminum creates a unique bond that offers a combination of properties possessed by both steel and aluminum, which actually makes it an ideal material for baking. Talk about a dynamic duo!

2. Why is aluminized steel the best for bakeware?

Aluminized steel is the best material for baking because it distributes heat both quickly and evenly. When aluminum is paired with steel, it creates bakeware that is durable and resistant to denting or warping.

3. Can I use my aluminized steel bakeware right away?


4. Can I put my bakeware in the dishwasher?

No; putting bakeware in the dishwasher can cause damage to the coating of the bakeware.

5. How should I clean my bakeware then?

All types of bakeware will last longer, not to mention look better, if it is hand washed with hot, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and allow bakeware to dry completely. Avoid using steel wool, scouring pads, or harsh detergents. Cleaning aluminized steel bakeware with a mild, soapy solution after each use will not affect the seasoning of the pan.

*Important Note: Before washing, make sure your bakeware is completely cool to the touch before you begin.

6. Where and how should I store my bakeware?

Although aluminized steel bakeware can be stored almost anywhere, a good rule of thumb is to store it in a dry area away from extreme temperatures.

7. How can I avoid denting my bakeware?

One of the niftiest features of baking with aluminized steel is that it’s durable and resistant to denting or warping, so you don’t have to worry about any denting damage.

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