Have You Ever Thought About What’s in Your Tampon?
Shannon Vestal Robson
By Shannon Vestal Robson

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We’re very proud of the fact that our tampons and panty liners are made with organic cotton where the product touches your body, because everything that’s part of the way you take care of yourself matters. You might have a moment of pause here, because it’s very possible you’ve never thought about what’s inside your tampon. It doesn’t look like much, does it? The simple products you’ve been using often contain much more than what the eye can see.

When we tell you the good news — that our tampons and panty liners are made without chlorine, fragrances, dyes, and rayon, that means there is some bad news: many conventional menstrual care products are made with such ingredients.

Are these ingredients bad for your body? While there is little research on the health risks of using conventionally grown cotton in tampons and pads, the aforementioned additives can be irritating to sensitive tissue. Also, fragrance used in menstrual care products can lead to infection. The use of chlorine bleach to process tampons can also create dioxin and other toxic byproducts that have been linked to health risks.



It should be up to you what ingredients you want to put inside your body, and you should know exactly what’s in those products.

At Brandless, our pads and tampons list the important ingredient for all the parts that touch your body: 100% organic cotton. Where it matters.

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