Happy Pups Help Make People Happy
Helena Hounsel
By Helena Hounsel

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We're sharing Good News from our community! 🎉

You hear more and more about therapy dogs and the impact they make in people’s lives. We’ve been doing therapy work with our various St. Bernards for over 18 years. We visit nursing homes, schools, libraries, Special Olympic events and many others. We destress students around exam time. We volunteer wherever we are invited and see many smiles while petting our large fluffy dogs. It’s wonderful for everyone involved!


— Kelly Buss celebrating St. Bernards

More Good News


I am 72 years old. 1.) I opened my eyes this morning. 2.) My Brandless order arrived.


— Donna Suttle, SC


I’d like to spotlight a wonderful initiative our neighborhood book club started 4 years ago. We deliver gently used and new books to 4 of our local food pantries. So far we’ve delivered more than 12,730 books into the hands of young readers. We call the program Books To Keep. We have been trying to spread the word across the country of the desperate need for placing books in areas where children can create their own personal library of books. We’d love to see others take up the cause.


— Sue Henry, FL