Hack This Adorable DIY Photo Album
By Brandless

We’ve all gotten used to documenting our vacations, celebrations, concerts, pets, kids, and friendships on social media, but hitting “post” doesn’t feel quite as special as holding an old-fashioned album in your hands that you can keep in a place of honor on your bookshelf or coffee table. This DIY photo album is an excellent way to bring back that old-school feeling. (And did we mention it’s also a super-relaxing way to spend half an hour?) This DIY version can be just for you, but it also makes a gift that says “I put a lot of thought into this and you’re more than just pixels to me!”

What You'll Need
Put It Together
Step 1:

Use scissors to cut your photos (get creative!) and secure them with different colors of tape. Add concert or movie ticket stubs, museum badges, and other relevant keepsakes if you have them, in the same way.

Step 2:

Use the highlighters to take notes and record memories about the experiences you’re documenting.

Step 3:

Write the perfect title on the white space on the front of the notebook, and either give it away, place it on your bookshelf,  or display it where everyone can see it. Treasured memories, old-school style!

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