Send This Invite to Organize a Give Back Day
Shannon Vestal Robson
By Shannon Vestal Robson

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At Brandless, giving back is in our DNA. That’s why we donate a meal in your honor through our partnership with Feeding America® every time you check out, but we don’t stop there. Did you know that we also donate three additional meals every 3rd of the month? Or that we regularly get together to volunteer at our local food bank?

And we’d love to help you do more, too. That’s why we made a fun, printable “Give Back Day” Invitation to share with you, so you can organize your own volunteer event (and kick it off in an organized, fun way).

Here are a few simple steps get started:

  1. Decide when your Give Back Day will be, then find your nearest food bank and confirm that date’s availability with the food bank.
  2. Pull together your invite list.
  3. Click here to print out our Give Back Day invitation, and pass them out to your friends!
  4. Reach out to your chosen food bank with the date you’d like to visit and the number of people you’re bringing.
  5. Give!


Kindness has never been so easy.

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