Fueling the Growing Brandless Community
Tina Sharkey & Ido Leffler
By Tina Sharkey & Ido Leffler

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One year ago, we shared our mission to bring better everything to everyone. We’ve kept you informed on each step of our journey, which is why we want to share our next big news with you. Remember, we started last July by curating the best stuff, offered at fair and simple prices. Our non-GMO food, clean beauty, sustainable paper products, and more of our high-quality assortment of 300+ items are sent right to you. Let’s not forget, we built Brandless with purpose in mind, so we walk the walk every day starting with the donation of a meal via Feeding America every time you check out. 

Today, we announced that the SoftBank Vision Fund has led our Series C fundraising round to fuel our movement.  In SoftBank, we found partners who truly believe that Brandless is a new kind of company. One that is built for profit & purpose; a community that believes better should not cost more. This fundraising will accelerate our reinvention of modern consumption. We can invest more in data science and technology and create even more products and categories inspired by YOU.

Can you believe it was only a few days ago that we celebrated our first birthday?

Over the past year, we’ve hit so many milestones as a company and we want to share some highlights with you: 


Thank YOU. For believing in us, talking to us, and sharing with us over the past year. Continue to post on Facebook, share a story on Instagram, tweet at us, or drop us a line below or at hi@brandless.com. We’d love to hear from you. 

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Tina & Ido