Blenders vs. Food Processors vs. Juicers – Which Kitchen Appliance Reigns Supreme?
By Brandless

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Does going into your kitchen appliance cupboard make you nervous? It may sound like a silly question — but we’re sure you know what we mean. Every time you open that door, pieces topple out and scatter on the floor. You have too many tools and gadgets that don’t quite fit together, and you can’t find what you need when you need it. Wouldn’t it be great if there was one appliance that could do it all and help you save on the mess? 

Going Beyond the Name

Blender vs. food processor vs. juicer — it’s time we understand how each appliance works and when we should use it. It’s obvious that juicers are for juicing, blenders are for blending, and food processors are for processing food. But there’s also more to these appliances than what their names imply. 

Juicers Squeeze the Most Out of Your Fruits and Vegetables

Juicers extract liquid from fruits and vegetables by either finely grating and spinning the pulp, or by crushing and pressing the produce until the cell walls break down. This leaves you with a nutrient-rich liquid that has been stripped of all fiber and other solids. 

The problem with this appliance is that once you’ve collected all the juice, there’s a lot of wasted pulp (and thus a lot of beneficial fiber) that would otherwise be consumed if you were eating the fruits and vegetables whole. Added to that, a lot of produce is required to make a glass of juice, which can make the process expensive.

Food Processors Chop Ingredients Quickly and Precisely

Food processors have a blade and motor that work together to mimic the actions of cutting, dicing, and mincing with a knife. It’s perfect for when your recipe asks you to chop an onion finely — saving you both on the effort and the tears. They’re also great for mixing and combining both dry and wet ingredients.

Where food processors fall short is in dealing with with too many wet ingredients. They’re not designed to hold large amounts of liquids (like a blender is), so they can’t be used to make smoothies or juices — though they are good for making things like pesto. Added to that, food processors have many parts and are therefore tricky to clean.

Blenders Mix Large Quantities with Ease (and Then Some)

Blenders have a duller blade and therefore rely on a strong motor to do a lot of the work. This appliance is best suited for turning solids into liquids, but, unlike juicers, they don’t strip away any part of the food and therefore waste less produce — and maintain beneficial nutrients and fiber. Instead, they purée and combine ingredients until they reach a thicker consistency.

Where you have to be careful with blenders is that there are so many variables between them. Blades, size, motor power, and settings make for significant differences between different blenders. Before you choose one, make sure you do your research and select the one that addresses your most common kitchen needs. The Brandless Pro Blender is made with a powerful 2HP motor, durable stainless steel blades, and a BPA-free carafe.

The Verdict

If you’re still thinking about that pesky kitchen cupboard, you’re likely keen to know which of these appliances can handle the most tasks so that you don’t have to own all three. That way, you can reduce your mess and — as an added bonus — you can help minimize the amount of small kitchen appliances that end up in landfills every year. 

So, which appliance reigns supreme in the battle of blenders vs. food processors vs. juicers? 

The clear winner is the blender. Unlike juicers and processors, blenders are much more versatile. With the right settings and blades, they can chop food, finely blend ingredients, and help you make everything from smoothies, to nut butters and sauces. You can even make juices — just blend your chosen fruits and vegetables until liquified, and then pass the resulting mixture through a fine strainer.


At Brandless, we understand that you need the right tools to make life easier and tidier. Like all of our cookware products, the Pro Blender has been designed specifically with your kitchen in mind. If you want to continue experimenting with healthy homemade recipes while also tidying up your drawers and cupboards, consider this single kitchen appliance. 


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