Community Poll: What’s Your Favorite Movie About Love?
Sarah Tuttle
By Sarah Tuttle

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We’re celebrating a month of love, and we want to know: What’s your favorite movie about love? Check out some of our community’s go-tos and let us know yours!

Like Water for Chocolate – my ULTIMATE FAVE! – @sweatersipper


PS I Love You – @chey.pearson


Ever After – @adri.smithson


The damn Notebook hahaha – @bata.licious


My Big Fat Greek Wedding – @thehomemademillenial



While You Were Sleeping – @bicigi


13 Going On 30 – @gracefionakk


Crazy, Stupid Love – @elizabethmstl


Forest Gump – @merakibee

Serendipity! –


Moulin Rouge – coll33bear


Hitch – @ro_boyce


There’s Something About Mary – @macbae


Princess Bride – @deehodes

Love and Basketball –


When Harry Met Sally 🤗 – @archskins


Love Actually – @mimiatpatataland


True Romance – @draculaaauraaa


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – @nicholedorsay

WALL-E – @nisha.shrrestha9


Priceless – @jeremyhillg2g


Pride and Prejudice 💕 – @astepfullofyou


Me Before You – @brianna_peralta_I


I personally have two: A Walk to Remember and Brooklyn – @wildfl0wer_reads26

Love, Simon – @rissa.anderson


Emma – @emberofthenorth


Anything Hallmark at Christmas – @madam_miskle


Letters to Juliet – @pameeluhhhh


Titanic – @angela8593

About Time – @_sarahfed


Wicker Park – @princesspeach82


Best Friends – @brybrybry3


The Wedding Singer – @abby.thrillips


An Affair to Remember – @loveieke18

Edward Scissorhands – @hillhill_2


She’s All That – @arionne_marie183


The Fault in Our Stars – @lis.dyck.16


Never Been Kissed – @kariwinss


Always with Richard Dreyfus and Holly Hunt – @sloppysmurf

Before Sunrise & Before Sunset – @sarahmontgomery23


Her – @kailastarr


Dirty Dancing! – @hardworking_cashew


The Time Traveler’s Wife – @chelsey.lou.who


Amélie – @conotuts


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