Becoming a Carbonfree® Shipper in 2020
Benjamin Wible
By Benjamin Wible

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Did you know that Global Shipping is estimated to make up about 3% of total global emissions? It seems like a small number, but that’s roughly the equivalent emissions of a country the size of Germany. As a global shipper, Brandless is contributing to that percentage.

What is Brandless doing?

We are a company rooted in community and making steps toward greater sustainability, so we’ve partnered with our international freight forwarder, Flexport, and to offset the emissions that we produce by shipping our product. From the time that our goods arrive at their overseas port or leave one of our domestic suppliers, to when they’re delivered to our warehouses across the country, we will be offsetting our carbon emissions. We are currently a Carbon-Offset Shipper with the goal of being a Carbonfree® Shipper in 2020.

What is a carbon offset?

A carbon offset program is a system designed to calculate the use of carbon and match an equal monetary donation to a fund that directly helps “offset” carbon use through a variety of activities—from tree planting to fuel reduction to environmental cleanup. It’s one way of paying it back to the Earth – we’re recognizing that we are responsible for the carbon we emit, and doing what we can to help balance it out. Through a number of different data points we collect, from the weight, size, distance, and even the types of planes, trucks, and vessels our cargo is on, we’re able to calculate each metric ton of carbon produced.

Where will this money go?

Through our partnership with, we’re donating to The Envira Amazonia Project, a Tropical Forest Conservation Project located in Brazil. We’ll also be donating to the Truck Stop Electrification Project, one located across different regions in the United States.

Avoiding Amazon Deforestation

Environmental benefits from the Envira Amazonia project range from a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, mitigating climate change, to improving local water quantity and retaining top soil and erosion control for the local community. The project is working to mitigate the release of more than 12 million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide Emissions by conserving approximately 500,000 acres of Tropical Forest. Pretty cool right?

Powering Up Truck Stops

The Truck Stop Electrification Project covers all parts of the country by providing drivers an alternative to idling their trucks during rest periods. Typically, drivers will idle their trucks during federally mandated rest periods in order to maintain cabin temperature or run appliances, creating an unhealthy environment when large numbers of trucks idle together.


While we know there is a lot to be done, this is the first step in many that we are taking to be a more sustainable company. We’ve still got a lot to learn about how to improve the efficiency of our supply chain through better practices and improved modes of transport, but we’re proud to be a carbon offset shipper, with a goal of being a CarbonFree® Shipper. We hope you join us in the journey to be a little more environmentally responsible.