Brandless 2020
John Rittenhouse
By John Rittenhouse

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Just 2 weeks ago, Brandless celebrated its second anniversary. Two years of delivering on the promise of carefully curated, high-quality things for you, your home, and your family — and creating a new industry standard in the process.


In those short 24 months, we’ve served more than 1.3 million customers across all 48 contiguous states by delivering more than 2.5 million diapers using plant-based materials, enough Fair Trade Certified coffee to make 5.8 million cups of joe, and donated nearly 4 million meals* to Feeding America®. Our community chooses Brandless because we source, co-create and provide products that match their values, preferences and requirements to live healthy, sustainable lives.


When Tina and Ido sketched out the first ideas for Brandless, they were responding to a need for a new type of brand (and yes, Brandless is unapologetically a brand) that created trust by listening to what their community values. From pop-up shops in New York and LA with tens of thousands lined up to being named one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Companies” two years in a row, Brandless products can now be found all across the U.S. in homes, offices, cars, backpacks… and maybe even your neighborhood retail store. More on that in a minute…


Earlier this year, with Brandless’ two year anniversary on the horizon and bold expansion on the mind, Tina started a nationwide search to find a world-class retail leader to partner with and accelerate the scale and scope of the business. That’s when she found me: a former retail pro with companies like Walmart, LVMH and Target – who’s no stranger to moving fast and breaking convention. I joined Brandless in early May as our new CEO and can tell you that first as a customer, and now as the CEO, Brandless is setting a new standard in the retail business.


In my first few weeks with our team, we launched an ambitious initiative to accelerate ideas and products many at the company had been working on since inception. That’s why I’m so excited to announce that we’re launching three new business categories in addition to what you have come to love at Brandless.com.

1. Retail

While Brandless products ship regularly to every corner of the country – it’s not enough. We’ve heard from both our current and future customers that they want Brandless products whenever and wherever they shop. This was a key learning from our two pop-ups, where almost everyone we met expressed excitement around taking Brandless products off the shelf and into their homes. That’s why Brandless is coming soon to a store near you – from a curated to a complete product mix, you’ll be able to find the Brandless promise at the end of the aisle or standalone section. We’ll announce our retail partners and initial locations soon.

2. CBD

Where you get your favorite Brandless products is just as important as what we offer. Since day one, we’ve listened to our customers and have developed new product lines that support your wellness routines. Next up is CBD (to the over 10,000 Brandless customers that have already expressed interest – we hear you loud and clear).


It’s no secret that anxiety is the leading cause of stress in our communities and often manifests in physical ailments. From speaking with our customers, their interest in the therapeutic benefits of CBD are clear. Yet, there are challenges with CBD: consistency in quality, grade, and dose is hard to find. We’re going to change that. I’m proud to announce that Brandless is working toward becoming the No.1 destination for the CBD wellness consumer through offering curated, credible, personalized brands and products.


Brandless already has a robust quality and safety testing program team for our in-house products and we are using their expertise for creating a higher standard in the CBD industry. When you buy CBD from Brandless, you’ll know that the manufacturer and product has been thoroughly reviewed, tested and meets our rigorous standards. Since the demand for CBD is so high among our customers, we’re starting with a CBD Marketplace in the coming months to offer high-quality products from well-aligned brands and soon we’ll offer own line of Brandless CBD products.

3. Curated Brands

The CBD marketplace however, is only where we’re getting started. Our customers trust us to curate an assortment that matches their shopping preferences, such as sustainable, ethically sourced, vegan and cruelty-free products. We’re opening up our marketplace to brands we love that align with the values we share with our community, to create a one-stop shop for sustainably-sourced products that align with a wellness-focused lifestyle. If a product meets our rigorous standards and upholds the Brandless promise to our customers, then it has a home in our marketplace and access to our customers. Look for the marketplace to be available on Brandless.com by the end of this year.


I hope you’ll agree that what’s next for Brandless couldn’t be more exciting. Bringing our products to more customers and offering items that enable a healthier, happier lifestyle is fulfilling for everyone at our company. Our entire team is focused on continuing to create and offer the products you need and love, and you’ll see many of them appear in the weeks and months ahead on Brandless.com and in a store near you.


Thanks for being part of our community.

John Rittenhouse


*Learn more about our meal donation and Give Back program here