9 Ways to Use Multi-purpose Baby Balm
Shannon Vestal Robson
By Shannon Vestal Robson

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Multi-purpose Baby Balm is a must-have for every diaper bag — for baby alone, it already has so many uses — but it’s also the one item in Brandless’s baby collection that’s not just for baby. That’s right, baby balm — which is made with shea butter, cocoa butter, sunflower seed oil, and olive oil and made without 400+ questionable ingredients  — is good for the whole family, and to that end, we’re letting you know exactly how many purposes our multi-purpose baby balm has.


  • Use allover for baby: This is the original intention for this product, and yes, it can go anywhere on your babe. Smooth it over baby’s whole body after bath time instead of lotion or spot-treat any dry spots on baby’s skin.
  • Rub onto hands and heels before bedtime: Use the balm as your skin-saver (especially at times of year like winter!), taking advantage of its thickness at nighttime. Just before going to bed, rub the balm on your hands and feet (socks optional), and wake up with smoother appendages.
  • Soften rough, dry elbows: The skin on your elbows gets notoriously dry and rough — so much so that lotion doesn’t usually cut it. Use our balm a couple times a week on your elbows to calm them into shape.
  • Protect exposed ears and cheeks on cold days: Brrr! Winter temps can chap any skin you have showing, but a quick swipe of balm can calm those vulnerable parts.


  • Smooth dry cuticles: Yes, our multi-purpose balm also works for nail care. Rub into cuticles to soothe and moisturize rough cuticles.
  • Calm frizzy, unruly hair strands: Need to tame some flyaways quick? Baby balm to the rescue. Use a little bit sparingly (maybe after you’ve smoothed onto yours or baby’s skin) in your hair for a pomade pinch-hitter.
  • Prep your lips: Baby balm that’s also lip balm? Of course. There’s almost nothing this balm isn’t good for!
  • Take care of dry winter skin: Ouch — sometimes your skin gets so dry it cracks. Use this moisturizing balm to help soothe it back into shape.
  • Take off your makeup: Melt away your makeup at the end of the day with this balm, then follow with cleanser.
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