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6 Fall Meal Prep Tips
Ashley Martens
By Ashley Martens

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As summer fades into fall, we are trading in our bathing suits for blanket scarves and flip flops for fuzzy boots, so why not update your weekly meal prep as well? Here are six meal prep tips for the fall season ahead.

1. Eat For the Seasons

Remember to eat for the seasons. During the summer months, our bodies crave cooling foods, like raw fruits and vegetables, to help keep our bodies cool in the hot summer heat and stifling humidity. However, during the cooler fall months, our bodies crave hearty, earthy foods like root vegetables, so swap out that frozen smoothie for a bowl of hot oatmeal or a pumpkin pie chia pudding. Give your lunchtime salad a fall makeover or try a hearty box of soup to warm you up during the day.

2. Visit the Local Farmers Market

Although summer is synonymous with local farmers markets, most farmers markets run through Halloween at the end of October, so swing by and pick up the freshest fall produce. Be sure to pack extra tote bags for your heavier fall haul. (We’re looking at you, acorn squash, apples, and pumpkins).

3. Prep Your Fall Haul

Set aside a day and time each week to meal prep your fall haul. Thoroughly wash fresh fruits and vegetables then chop and store in individuals containers so you can grab and go with ease. If you are unsure how to properly store a particular piece of produce, check out this guide to learn more about the proper storing techniques for the most popular fall foods.

4. Bust Out the Slow Cooker

A homemade dinner tastes delicious after a long day, but what tastes even better is a meal that’s already made when you arrive home. Set up your slow cooker during the evening and prep all of your ingredients. In the morning, simply turn your slow cooker to on before you leave for work in the morning that way you arrive home to a deliciously prepared meal. Here are some of our favorite fall slow cooker recipes.

5. Warm Up With Warming Spices

Top your seasonal dishes with a pinch of warming spices like fresh garlic and ginger. Some of our fall favorites also include cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice and nutmeg perfect for all of your fall baking recipes.

Tip: Spices and seasonings only pack a burst of flavor for about one year, so if you need to update your spice cabinet this fall season, try our spice bundle.


6. Find Your Inner Cook

During the hot summer months, many of us refrain from cooking and baking, but as the temperatures begin to to cool off, it’s time to become a fall chef. Need some recipe inspiration? Try some of these fall recipes:


Be sure to follow these six tips as you meal prep this fall season and be sure to tag us on social media using #brandlesslife so we can see how you meal prep during the fall months. Happy Fall Ya’ll!

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