10 Tips For What to Do With Your New Knives
Shannon Vestal Robson
By Shannon Vestal Robson

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Brandless kitchen knives might make you do a double-take, because they’re high quality kitchen tools that cost just $3. The knives are already favorites among Brandless products, and for good reason. They’re sharp, have a sturdy handle, and a full tang blade that makes handling the knife feel even more secure. Speaking of handling, we have some tips for just that: here are some tips for what your new knives are good for.


The Paring Knife Is Perfect For:
  • Peeling an apple
  • Mincing garlic and shallots
  • Peeling and deveining shrimp
  • Scoring tomato skins
  • Trimming green beans

Check out the Paring Knife.

The Serrated Bread Knife Is Your Best Bread Friend

The scalloped serration of the bread knife means you can use it for soft or crusty breads, because it can slice through the bread instead of just tearing it, and its long blade makes it ideal for wide loaves.

Check out the Serrated Bread Knife.

The Chef's Knife Is Great For:
  • Breaking down a chicken or a roast
  • Cutting a birthday cake
  • Mincing herbs with a rocking motion
  • Separating a garlic clove from the outside skin (just smash the clove with one side of the knife and then peel)

Check out the Chef’s Knife.

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